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Publishes a daily news story on climate and energy. Our mission has always been to provide reliable, accessible climate science journalism in order to inform a world where climate misinformation is commonplace and where climate change still isn't a mainstream concern.

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Scientists back global climate strike
20 September sees the start of a week-long youth-led global climate strike. Students will be voicing their demands for action ˆ' backed by many scientists.

UN Secretary General Urges Public Pressure Against Climate "Emergency"
"Nature is angry," but a Green New Deal can help, says UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Faster global warming may bring much more heat
Climate scientists are haunted by a global temperature rise 56 million years ago, which could mean much more heat very soon.

Carbon emitters face higher legal risks
Carbon emitters, and the big investors that support them, could find themselves on the wrong end of the law if they don't take action on climate change.

Climate models predict bigger heat rise ahead
Scientists using new climate models say a bigger heat rise than expected is possible by the end of the century.

How extreme weather threatens people with disabilities
"Any single disastrous event can really endanger people with disabilities."

Less meat for rich can cut heat and hunger
Eating less meat can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But if everyone tries it, starvation will continue to climb.

Why Next Monday's UN Climate Action Summit Matters
The media and climate activists must "name and shame" laggards, says the UN special envoy.

Mountains rich in species still puzzle science
Life on Earth is ultimately a mystery. Even more of a riddle is why there are so many mountains rich in species.

Naomi Klein: "We are seeing the beginnings of the era of climate barbarism'
This story originally appeared in The Guardian. It is republished here as part of the Climate News Network’s partnership with Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of more than 250 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate story. Read an extract from Naomi Klein’s new book, On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal here. The No Logo author talks to Natalie … Continue reading Naomi Klein: ‘We are seeing the beginnings of the era of climate barbarism’ »