Earth Whisperer Research and Training Center

The Nature of the Earth is to Balance

Earth Whisperers are here to support the Earth. Will you join us?


The Earth Needs You Now!

This is a call to create a new ambassadorship for supporting the Earth and humanity as she rebalances the world. Together, we can make a real difference on this Earth and in our world.

The ancient wisdom of Earth Whispering is returning to the modern time. Forgotten understandings that provide the mastery to activate ancient talents and access deep wisdom are currently arriving in the world. They hold the promise to rekindle our memories, awaken our talents and inspire a new human-Earth accord.

Looking for You

Earth Needs Your Talents NOW

Your Earth Whisperer mantle may be summoning you. Earth Whisperers is our name for the individual who has an innate, latent ability to talk with the Earth, make rain, create ozone, send life into the Earth's core, pull negative human thought debris out of the oceans and "hear" in-coming Earth events like earthquakes and tsunamis before they arrive.

As an Earth Whisperer, you may come from a heritage when your ancestors possessed extraordinary talents -- abilities that were once loved by the Earth. These forgotten specialties of today's Earth ambassadors are gravely needed again. You can have the unique privilege to learn a new way of living, to step onto the path of the Earth Whisper and join others like yourself to uncover and empower your own Earth talents.

Did You Know?

When people migrated eons ago, there was a rare human being who was loved by the Earth. Mastering the universal language of feeling, Earth Whisperers honored the Earth with their thoughts and deeds. Before agriculture, Earth Whisperers could remove human emotional debris from large bodies of water to support the intelligence of nature. As a unique human-Earth go between, they understood the Earth was self-aware. The Earth loved them deeply, too, and missed their presence when their unique know-how was lost to the world.

This ancient wisdom of Earth Whispering is returning to the modern time. Since the nature of the Earth is to balance and human beings are out of balance, Earth Whispering is especially important today. As the "Earth issue" becomes humanity's central issue, navigating humanity's greatest adventure is a valuable skill. You are calm-centered, even when everything begins to break loose. You will have the understanding to always be at the right place at the right time. It supports you to navigate a time like no other.

adored by the Earth

Are You Ready?

When an Earth Whisperer re-discovers the ancient knowledge, they unlock their own latent hidden Earth talents. When a person can step into the Earth Whisperer state of being, they are adored by the Earth who still remembers their beauty and kindness eons ago. Are you an Earth Whisperer? Do you feel drawn to this ancient human awareness about the intelligence of nature? Would you like to experience the profound Earth Whisperer state of being yourself?

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