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What Is An Earth Whisperer?

By Rennie Davis and Kirsten Liegmann

flowerhand.jpg Did you know that when people migrated eons ago, there was a rare human being who was loved by the Earth? Mastering the universal language of feeling, Earth Whisperers honored the Earth with their thoughts and magical deeds. Before agriculture, Earth Whisperers could remove human emotional debris from large bodies of water to support the intelligence of nature. As a unique human-Earth go between, they understood the Earth was self-aware. The Earth loved them deeply too and missed their presence when their unique know-how was lost to the world.

This ancient wisdom of Earth Whispering is returning to the modern time. The Earth Whisperers Master Class is reserved for the individual who yearns to restore the human-Earth accord. You are invited to search yourself for your own Earth guidance.  If you feel drawn to this invitation, please click here for more info.

Earth Whispering is a lost art largely unknown to a modern time. It is a specific know-how for understanding the universal language of feeling. It opens a profound doorway into the intelligence of nature. Earth Whispering gives you knowingness about anything in which you are curious. You will learn to decompress the tightness in your skeleton and flow with knowingness, ease and grace.

  • Since the nature of the Earth is to balance and human beings are out of balance, Earth Whispering is especially important today. As the “Earth issue” becomes humanity’s central issue, navigating humanity’s greatest adventure is a valuable skill. You are calm-centered, even when everything begins to break loose. This master class gives you the understanding to always be at the right place at the right time. It supports you to navigate a time like no other.

  • The Earth Whisperer Master Class unveils a vast tool box of lost understandings and practices largely unknown to today’s spiritual traditions. Here are some:

  • Frequency embedded meditations that support you to access the Earth Whisperer state of being, fear free state of being and alpha wave tones that quiet the brain naturally for your journey to the universal mind

  • Answers the question, who am I -- really. You will follow a precise roadmap to the intelligence and beauty of your own authentic Self

  • Specific tones embedded in guided meditations will activate your solar plexus mind and re-integrate your brain so you can access the language of feeling

  • You will talk with plants, animals and the Earth

  • You will learn the Earth’s viewpoint on climate change and coming Earth events

  • You will uncover your own genetics to find your own Earth Whisperer talents

  • You will learn what your Earth talents are and practice this ancient art

  • Beneath the “holographic Earth” lies a natural Earth that cannot be damaged by humanity. You will learn to leave the holographic Earth to experience the profound innocence of the real Earth yourself

  • You will enjoy two weekend retreats for hands-on Earth Whisperer practicing in addition to the twice a month webinar

  • You will access the plant intelligence natural to your body (pineal gland)

  • You will balance the two hemispheres of your brain for body-Earth balancing

  • You will access pure electrical life and broadcast this rare frequency into the core of the Earth as your gift to the Earth since she cannot generate this nourishing frequency at this time herself.

  • You will remove the fear and other human emotional debris from the soil, water, and atmosphere world-wide that negatively affects the intelligence of nature

  • You will repair leaks in your biofield that limit your Earth Whisperer abilities

  • You will remove the intensity of earthquakes caused by human anger and fear that accumulate and build up in the ground

  • Awaken your Earth Whisperer state of being

  • Remove emotional debris from Earth cells to support the Earth to “breathe” again

  • As fear and divide envelop the world, you will experience the fast track of evolution

  • Practice appropriate intervention tools that help calm hysteria

  • Uncover and develop your specific Earth talents including (1) Earth Counselor (2) Human-Earth Go Between (3) Water Specialist; (4) Ocean Specialist; (5) Magnetic Specialist; (6) Hurricane Specialist; (7) Volcano Specialist: (8) Tsunami Specialist; (9) Botany Boat Captain; (10) Mineral Specialist; (11) Sun Specialist; (12) Atmosphere Specialist; (12) Earthquake Specialist; (13 Noah’s Ark Servant; (14) Ice Age Specialist; (15) Tornado Specialist; (16) Rainmaker; (17) Jack of All Trades

  • Filter out negative human thoughts and frequencies of in-coming Earth changes and human fear that may be causing you pain or discomfort

Earth Whisperer Master Class Begins Soon

To experience the training, please click here. And yes, you can get a pretty good discount by using coupon VI1901LPTFULL.