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A Step by Step Process for Wakening Up

Is everything in your life functioning wonderfully? Are all your relationships completely harmonious? Or are you able to stay in a magnificent state of being, by making a leap in your awareness, and completely change everything? Kirsten shares her story of longing and yearning, a beckoning for wakening up. And now has a way to share a step-by-step process of how to get there, A to Z. In detail.

Do You Choose Life or Anti Life

How do you choose to go on a path that actually puts Life into this world, with a new evolutionary stage of awareness? And stop letting Fear be our guiding arrow? How do you remove your addiction to drama and trauma?

Earth Re-Balancing

Is something happening on the Earth? The central issue of the human race in your lifetime will soon be the Earth issue. Nothing even remotely compares. No one has ever seen this before, in our lifetime. Is there an authority that actually knows? And how are you part of this?

Practical Understanding of How To Change Your Awareness

How do you get control of your life? How do you change your body chemistry to sertonin and endorphins? Does anyone really know?

This Is The Time of the Earth

We're all going to get to see this one together; even the people who deny climate change. Who has got any way out of this? Earth Whisperer Family holds the knowledge of a profound transformation inside yourself. This is the real answer to the age-old question, "Who Am I?" The know-how for how to do this is right here.

The Magic of Earth Whispering

Returning the magic of Earth Whispering to the present time, with a family of Earth Whisperers.