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Earth Whisperer Research and Training Center

How You Can Generate Great Positive Energies To Help Balance The Earth

Sitting next to a yarrow plant in an open field on a sunny day, I opened myself to knowingness. This means to calm down, stop thinking and start Listening. The result was profound insights.

As I sat there, seeing the beauty of the plants and trees, I got an insight about the energy that is put into the Earth by every living being. After all, what are the plants and trees doing that are right here before me? Just sitting there looking pretty? What became clear was that all the trees and plants have energy (are energy!) In fact, everything living on Earth has energy and radiates this energy. Every tree, bush and plant has a certain energy and this energy serves to balance (heal) everything in their area. In fact, everything in Nature does this. Positive, balancing energy is constantly being generated by all of Nature. That's why people feel so good by simply going out in Nature, away from the raucous, unfocused energy of masses of people.

All Living Beings Share Energy

Trees and Energy

Plants and trees are generating positive energies. These positive energies help balance all the other plants and trees around them. All living beings share energy with every other living being. But what energy do humans generate? For thousands of years, humans have participated in war. People seemed to think that the best way to resolve conflicts was to kill off their opponents. It's hard to find a spot on the Earth where people haven't battled, beaten and hacked away at each other. The energy of such anger, fear and violence doesn't just evaporate. And it's still being created today by the vast number of people, living in fear and anger. (That fear and anger may not even be conscious, as the subconscious can hold all that energy without a person being aware of it – until they want to.)

All that negative energy (especially battle energy) gets absorbed by plants, trees and the Earth's soil and water. And stays there, which affects the whole area and anything growing there or coming into the area.

The Earth is capable of taking in such energies and holding them, so that living beings don't get blown away by all that negative energy. It's what the Earth does – until such time as the energy is released. If the negative energies do NOT get released and they build and build, what happens? Well, the earth is also entirely capable of re-balancing and healing herself, but that would not look or feel so wonderful from the perspective of humans living on the Earth at the time of re-balancing.

Releasing The Negative Energy

Now, for the good news: humans can do (and are meant to do) the exact same thing that plants and trees do. People (you) can release all that negative energy that is stored in the Earth. People have the choice to put healing and balancing energies into an area, into the Earth. A person sitting in a field can put out even greater positive energies than the plants in the field. In fact, if humans, in general, were putting positive energies out, this world would be a paradise.


Practices exist to help us generate significant positive healing energies within ourselves, for the benefit of the Earth. When using these practices, land can be cleared of negative energies in the soil and water, whether it’s your home, your town or a whole eco-range. And more. These practices (naturally) also heal and balance ourselves.

How can you generate great positive energies to help heal the Earth? It doesn't happen just by thinking or wishing or saying that you have positive energies. It doesn't happen by simply visualizing that you have positive energies. To have positive energies, you need to heal the parts of yourself that you are (probably) not aware of, that block you from such energies. And that's a process. To heal the Earth, you heal yourself. And the process is truly glorious.

That's what Earth Whisperer Training is all about.

You can unlock the prison of the human condition to unleash a new stage of awareness for a quantum evolutionary leap.

Which is exactly what is needed to help heal the Earth.

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