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All Our Relations


All Our Relations is exactly what it sounds like, yet much more than it sounds. All Our Relations isn't just about your family, loved ones or those biologically linked to you. It is much deeper than that. All Our Relations is the acknowledgement that each and every person you encounter throughout life is from the Creator and thus, related to you. They are your brothers and your sisters. They are an extension of you because the Creator lies at the heart of both of you. You are more than family; you are spiritually linked to each and every person, and each and every person is dependent upon you to experience their sense of community.

The Foundation for Gaian Studies

Stephen Harold Buhner (author of Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm) A non-profit organization exploring - and participating with -the non-linear intelligence of nature. It is the opinion of the organization's founders that the survivability of the human species depends on human beings once more reconnecting to the Earth.

Sage Mountain

Sage Mountain Retreat Center & Native Plant Preserve is a learning center for herbs and earth awareness. Located on 500 wilderness acres in central Vermont, this beautiful piece of Earth Mother is a natural sanctuary and teaching site. There is an incredible assortment of wild herbs and flowers growing in habitats that vary from meadows to mountaintops, from forest to fens. Our wild neighbors include deer, bear, moose, beavers, bobcat, otters, fox and a wonderful variety of feathered folk that honor us with their presence.

Susan Weed

Susun Weed, herbalist and author of women's health books, invites you to rediscover the Wise Woman Tradition, herbal medicine healing, and how to make home remedies.