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Terms and Conditions

All courses, articles and online programs delivered by Burton Smith (referred to hereafter as "course provider" are meant to teach and support you in your connections to Nature.

In no way is online course work or articles to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. By expressing interest and/or registering for any online course from Earth Know How, you the client, agree to the following:

I understand that the course I will be receiving from Burton Smith is not offered as a substitute for mental or physical health care.

I hereby release Burton Smith, personal representatives, agents, employees, and executors from any liability relating to injury or discomfort resulting from using techniques from the course.

I understand that my course provider will maintain the confidentiality of our communications only to the extent defined by the laws of the states in which each of us resides. I will maintain the confidentiality of other course participants and not share, expose, or reveal any information about participants to third parties.·

I understand that all comments, ideas and suggestions offered by my course provider are solely for the purpose of aiding me in achieving my defined goals. I have the ability to give my informed consent, and hereby give such consent to my course provider to assist me in achieving such goals.·

I hereby release, waive, acquit and forever discharge Burton Smith, personal representatives, agents, employees from every claim, suit, action, demand or right to compensation for damages I may claim to have or that I may have arising out of actions, omissions, or commissions taken by myself or my course advisor as a result of the advice given or otherwise resulting from the course materials or articles.

I further declare and represent that no promise, inducement or agreement not herein expressed has been made to me to enter into this release. The release made pursuant to this paragraph shall bind my heirs, executors, personal representatives, successors, assigns, and agents